Saturday, September 02, 2006

At last!

Haven't sorted out the root problem, but have circumvented it for now! Just as a taster, here are some new additions to my classroom that I found at Towersey: I got the sheep and the giraffe on Sunday with A, and Mr Wolf is a present from my Dad. The giraffe is definitely a Geraldine, I just can't decide on a name for the sheep. I already have a Larry the Lamb (and indeed a Larry the Lizard), so it could be Sean, or Sharon. Any suggestions?
I'm so enamoured of Geraldine, she's become my profile pic! I'd like to think a giraffe is emblematic of me because I am tall and graceful with very long limbs, but in reality it's more likely to be because I too find it nigh on impossible to get up when I fall down...

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