Friday, August 18, 2006

Wedding Bells

Yesterday I went to K's wedding and, torrential rain notwithstanding, I think it was one of the nicest weddings I've been to in a long while. There was no noisy disco to get in the way of converation (I'm SOOO middle-aged!) and there were games to play outside. Sadly, the rain was still going strong, so no-one was able to play before dinner, but afterwards, the bride and groom had a quick go on the Swingball.

I would have loved to have a go at the Croquet, but, knowing my prowess at physical activity (not) A heaved a sigh of relief that I wasn't given the opportunity to swing a croquet mallet around my head. Then a few of us checked out the Bouncy Castle. It was absolutely soaking and I made the discovery that although theoretically there is no upper weight limit on a Bouncy Castle designed for adults, in practise, I exceeded it, since I really couldn't bounce - I left that to the bride and bridesmaid, whilst I just stood there and wobbled. My hat never came off, though!! (I'm the figure in black lurking to the left).

Best wishes to K and R, may they have many happy years together.

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