Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Our garden isn’t huge, but has lots of trees and shrubs – very green, but not much else in terms of colour! But I’m very lucky, because there are lots of little nooks and crannies for birds to nest in. We have had wrens nest behind the elder near the dining room window for several years (although they’re very shy and I don’t see them often), at least three different blackbird nests, several blue tit and sparrow families and a robin nest. There are also goldfinches nesting in the vicinity, although I don’t know if they’re in our garden or nearby. Since March this year, we have had three different sets of goldfinch youngsters coming to feed outside the kitchen window. Sparrows are in abundance here, even if they are in decline elsewhere in the country – at one point this summer, I saw a group of 23 sparrows on the patio. Last weekend I also saw two male robins fighting for territory – not a pretty sight.

And the best thing? Watching them laugh at Lilly and Stella, who have a very low success rate!

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