Sunday, March 12, 2006

Garden Visitors

The snow has bought out huge number of garden birds, desperate to find something to eat and avoid having to grub about too much in the cold hard earth. Today I have seen at various times: a blackbird, a robin, a blue tit, 2 great tits, 4 goldfinches and various posses of sparrows, the largest a group of 10. This little fella was snapped from the dining room windowsill - not the best angle, since this feeder is right outside the kitchen window, but he persisted in feeding around the other side, so all I could see was his tail feathers. Earlier this month I saw 6 goldfinches all at once around these feeders. They really are the most beautiful birds and well worth the investment in niger seed and specialist feeders. There was also a magpie lurking in the tree just outside the back fence this morning - grrr. Magpies are not nice, they scared all the small birds away in our old house when they nested in the sycamore.

Lilly has been watching the birds from the dining room windowsill too, but she's been out once today and is refusing to venture through the catflap anymore. In weather like this, her daughter Stella doesn't even go out and spends most of her time on the landing, right above the hot water pipe. I've decided that, if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I'm going to come back as a cat - it seems a most undemanding life and I might just catch up on all the sleep I miss...

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