Friday, March 13, 2015

Swatches, Swatches!

The first two swatches are done - hurrah!
First up, a simple 4/4 twill in a green slub yarn. You can see from the bottom of the picture that I couldn't get the beat right to start with, and my diagonal lines undulated, rather than marched in nice straight lines!
Here it is in its finished state, although the lack of daylight spoils it slightly!
The second swatch is also a twill, this time a warp-faced twill using the cotton tape yarn. It wove up nice and quickly! I wanted a warp-faced twill to show off the stripes in the warp and chose the cotton tape for the weft as I liked the warmth.
So, I've made a start, but I have just over a week left to make the rest. and because I can't choose form my ideas yet, I want to make them all and then choose!


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