Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Today's update is a tale of two halves. I finished swatch number 3 at the weekend, bands of satin and sateen in an ecru silk and linen mix, to mimic the ridge structure of the shell.
I continued with sateen, this time using the silk and linen mix again to start and then using three strands of 60/2 silk in different colours.
I'm using clasped weft techniques to create diagonal lines and blocks of colour, inspired by this colour study of part of the inside of the shell.
The idea is that the front of the fabric will be smooth and shiny, like the inside of the shell, whilst the reverse is matt and shows the warp threads, thus bringing the outside of the shell to mind. I'd like to claim credit, but the initial idea of the two sides of the fabric was my tutor's!
So why is this post titled "Grrrrr"? Because in nearly 4 hours of weaving I have completed 3 and 3/4  inches (less than half of it!), which doesn't compare well to those swatches that have been completed within one hour!

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