Sunday, December 24, 2006

It worked!

Hats off to Nigella!

The turkey was lovely and moist, the cranberry sauce was tart, the maple roasted parsnips were beautiful (and I don't like parsnips!) and the stuffing was lovely (although very citrussy and no taste of gingerbread - next time I won't put as much clementine zest in).

Was so replete, couldn't blog for 48 hours!

Have now travelled to my parents', complete with a well-developed throat/ear infection - don't know which, but both hurt. Ah well, you can tell it's the holidays!

Merry Christmas everyone, may you all get what you wish for.

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Jane Henry said...

Happy Christmas, Nic, and I'm glad Nigella pulled it off for you. I was listening to Gordon on the radio while I cooked Christmas lunch and thought, actually, mate, I can do it without you... even if the turkey took forever to cook...

Happy Chrimbo and New Year!