Friday, November 10, 2006

Walker Art Gallery

Yesterday, I went to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool with 75 Year 1 and 2 children and we had a whale of a time! I've never visited an art gallery with children of any age, let alone Infants, so was interested to see how they took it. We split up into 4 groups (17-20) in each group to visit the Gallery itself, following some of their orientation trails, and looking in detail at 3 pictures. It was following up work we'd been doing on portraits, so it was great. The other part of the visit involved going to Big Art for Little Artists, which I would heartily recommend visiting with young children. They loved dressing up as some of the people they had seen in the portraits earlier in the day.

If you are in the North West, the Walker is a great resource. It's free and they do lots of INSET sessions that allow you to get more out of specific pictures when you lead your own group round. Get there if you can!


Anonymous said...

Hi....I'm using Digiblue to make animations in school with children...and trying to put them on the school website...
I really like the format you use for showing your video,could you advise me on how you set it up please?
My emeil is

Nic said...

From what I remember, we used the stop-go function on the Digiblue - we had it connected to the laptop and clicked 10 times or so for each still before we moved the toys. We added sound effects and the titles using the Digiblue software, and then saved it so it could be viewed. I can't remember if we saved it directly to be able to view it in Windows Media Player or whether Y converted it later on (it was her laptop, not the school's)
As for the set up for viewing on the blog, that's easy - YouTube! I signed up, then it's very straightforward to upload onto the site and YouTube supports pretty much most formats as far as I can understand. From experience, it is much easier to upload longer clips early in the morning (I do it between 6.30 and 8am GMT) rather than later in the day (presumably because by then, it's being hammered by users in the States).
Hope this helps!