Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hangin' on the Telephone

"Where are you?"

"Still on the M6, why?"

"I don't feel great, can you get me something nice on the way home?"

"Might do, but I'm not speaking to you at the moment."

"Why not?"

"I'm going backwards! I checked the Fantasy Football League and I've now dropped below 260,000th, while you've broken into the top 40,000. I don't understand why..."

"Oh love I'm so sorry..."


"I think I've found out why you're not doing as well as you think you should be in the Footie."


"Well, you know when you made your first transfers at the beginning of September?"


"And you transfered Andy Johnson in?"


"Well, you didn't."

"Didn't what?"

"Transfer Johnson in."

"I did!"

"No, you didn't. I've just found your team's history. You started with Shevchenko, Bellamy and Ashton, then swapped Ashton for Saha in September. Last week you swapped Shevchenko and Bellamy for Drogba and McCarthy. You've never had Johnson in your squad."

"No, I have, I did, I transfered him in in September..." silence "... oh no, it must have been when I tried to transfer too many players - you have to confirm the transfers... I mustn't have clicked on Confirm... Noooooooooo!"

Phone goes dead.

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