Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jolly Holidays

All the Education Authorities in Merseyside have signed up to a common term format starting from this year, in an attempt to standardise terms. No half term shall be less than six weeks and no week shall have less than three working days. This means October half term will always be the third week, February half term will always be the second week and the Two week holiday between the Spring and Summer terms will always be the first two weeks of April, regardless of when Easter is. This means this year, of course, the end of April is very bitty, with four Bank Holidays in the first three weeks of term, thanks to the Royal Wedding adding to the mix with Easter being so close to the May Bank Holiday. Meanwhile, Cheshire are sticking to the traditional two weeks around Easter, so my holidays are very quiet - I've not been off when schools are in like this since I became a teacher. It's peaceful, but rather strange and leaves April as a very messy set of short weeks... Ah well, some you win, some you lose...

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scarletti said...

How bizarre to be off when other schools are in! You lucky person ; )

Not sure what our LEA has signed up for, but April/May is a fabulous in out in out mish-mash!