Saturday, August 29, 2009

Woolly wedding

Look carefully at this wedding dress -

Yep, it is made from what you think:

She breeds these Lincolnshire Longwool Sheep, and Olivia (above left) provided the locks for the skirt. The happy couple also had lamb they had bred for the wedding breakfast. OK, I'm maybe too much of a townie to go that far, but I am so behind people breeding animals with care and respect. The article is here, and I never cease to be amazed by the range of comments from people, particularly those who can't understand how people can breed animals with love and then eat them. Surely if one eats meat it is better to eat an animal that has been well cared for than one that hasn't?


Stephanella said...

I haven't read the comments there Nic, but perhaps some people find it odd because many end up having an emotional attachment to an animal. Once that happens, it is impossible to see that animal as anything other than a friend and people don't (normally) eat their friends. Can you imagine people walking their dog and then killing it to eat it? It's not much different to me than eating a cow that, at some point, was treated as a 'member of the family'. Well, except I wouldn't kill Rick, or my mum, and eat them. In reality, the responsible breeders that eat what they bred weren't that attached to it to begin with, despite their claiming otherwise. Personally, I do not care what people eat or do not eat, but I certainly do not believe that those who feel emotionally connected to their animals could kill them for food. Yeah right...

Nic said...

I think you've probably hit the nail on the head here - farmers are on the whole an unsentimental lot. They care for their animals, they love their animals in that they want the best care for them, but they're not soppy over them the way I am over my cats. I think what I probably found tricky was the shear rant levels involved.