Saturday, June 28, 2008

What an episode...

The Stolen Earth.


Surely they can't be about to exterminate Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures?

Surely he can't be regenerating?

Can't wait until next week.....


scarletti said...

Ok, so maybe this wasn't the best First Episode in Forever to catch. Wow! Dr. Who has improved somewhat since last time I saw it. He's not that vet anymore for starters (big improvement on that score!) Oh no! Now I need to do some serious catch-up! But I can't knit and watch and it is mad birthday-make time!!!

BTW Done your tag!

Bronchitkat said...

I hadn't caught any rumours that David Tennant is off to Pastures New, "Hamlet" with the RSC is on stage anyhow.

Though I did wonder about getting all the 'spin offs' together & annihilating them all - apart from Captain Jack who'll spring back cos he does!

Meanwhile I vote Stephen Fry for the next Incarnation!