Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

A and I don't really do New Year's Resolutions. They always get broken and make you feel downhearted and a failure. However, we have both been seized by an impulse since Christmas to "sort out" the house. It's been like Life Laundry at Plain Tale Towers in the last week and a half. Lots of things have been taken to charity shops or the tip, furniture has been moved, electricians and bathroom fitters have been consulted. The sitting room looks great - very clean lines and loads of space - most stash and all knitting books are now upstairs in bookcases. The office still looks a heap, the contents of the wardrobe are halfway through a cull and therefore on the spare bed and we still have far too many books and other clutter in the back bedroom, but things are moving. I just need to go and tidy the dining table where I've just been working - I am determined to tidy up after myself this year (ooh, that sounded like a resolution, didn't it?)

Whatever you are hoping to achieve this year, I wish you all the best.


Just call me Ruby said...

Hi Nic,

I think there's something in the air. I've been tidying/sorting/reorganising for over a week.

Have a great 2008

Julie said...

I'm with you guys, New Year's resolutions are just not for me. I feel there's no time like the present to make a positive change and sometimes that just happens to fall on the new year but most of the time it doesn't. Organizing is on my list too, just made myself a pair of circular needle rolls to replace the overstuffed one I'd been using, it's about time. :)

Stomper Girl said...

I wish we felt like doing this at our house. I think the daily pick-up after the kids saps my will to clean and sort.

I really admired all those beautiful knits you made for your family. The beret is gorgeous!

Hansu Napapiiriltä said...


There is a "You make my day" -award button waiting for you in my blog! Go get it and pass it on.