Saturday, October 13, 2007

Reporting From The Front Line

Sock Wars II started today. The pattern was due to be released today, so I got up bright and early, only to discover that my secret dossier, containing pattern and details of my target arrived in my Inbox about 10 minutes after I went to bed last night!!


For the frst time so far this term, all planning was in and on the Head's desk Friday lunchtime. A was sent out on a refueling mission and indeed has been keeping me stocked with caffeine all day. The cats have generally steered clear.

"And?" I hear you cry.


For the first time ever in her life, Little Miss Slow Knitter has knit a sock in a day.

Well, okay, so I haven't grafted it, but hell, I need real daylight for that!

I need to get a move on, because my target is in the States, whereas my assassin is here in the UK... and it now appears the postal strike may be off.

Knit, knit like the wind!


scarletti said...

Wow, that's really impressive... your assassin is taking advantage of there being no post on Sunday and is still only 6th rpt 1st sock...!! Great colours on yours too.

Anonymous said...

Hell fire, that's fast. I'll be handing that sock knitters baton over any minute now (Actually, considering recent sock disasters, you can have it now, with pleasure)

Anonymous said...

Knitting like the wind! Good luck, I'll be cheering for you!


Anonymous said...

Go get them girl! You can do it.