Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Vortex is Open

...or something.

Having ascertained earlier this week that there was indeed a problem with the catflap (magnet clicked, lock didn't actually unlock, therefore flap wouldn't flap), A and I resorted to high end technology to fix it.

Yep, we taped the snicket down with parcel tape.

I then spent an undignified ten minutes with Lil and a tin of tuna, finally posting her through the catflap back into the house to convince her that it worked.

Have you ever tried to post a 6 kilo cat, in fact a reluctant 6 kilo cat, actually a downright hostile 6 kilo cat through a small space?

Wouldn't recommend it.

Dignity is lost by all involved.

And the hot weather slows the healing process down...

Anyway, she and Stella have carried on behaving as if it's still only available to go out. Psychological warfare on their part?

Maybe, but who cares? In the last 12 hours, they have both gone out, then come back in, through the catflap.


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